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5 must-have kitchen features


10 months ago

5 must-have kitchen features

There is no denying that the kitchen is the heart of the home, however creating a functional and stylish kitchen can be an overwhelming task, with so many features and design elements to consider. We’ll reveal the five must-have features to ensure your kitchen renovation is not only aesthetically pleasing but creates the most efficient workspace possible.

Modern Elegance - Kitchen

Modern Elegance - Kitchen

Decent bench space

A well-designed kitchen will always need to take into account bench space. When thinking about how much bench space you will need, consider how your zoning your bench space. Questions to ask yourself are where are you dumping your shopping, what spot are you prepping food, cleaning up or emptying the dishwasher. Answering these questions will allow the bench space to be properly zoned and tailored to suit your needs in the kitchen.


Another thing that will affect the amount of bench space available is small appliances. Are your small appliances going to live on the bench or if they are not being used frequently maybe they can be built into cabinetry or stored away to get them off the benchtop. This would not only reduce the amount of visual clutter but free up bench space too. Kitchens often collect items that aren’t kitchen related such as the mail, or cars keys so find another home for those items so you can maximize your kitchen bench space for the kitchen!


A good-sized pantry

Pantry’s often get stuck next to the fridge which is a good thing because food storage should be grouped together however that often means you end up with a really deep cupboard and this is how items get lost. Including drawers and shelving in your pantry is effective when you’ve got that deep cupboard space and as it will to allow you to access your items easily. Another option to consider is pull out pantries – these could eliminate any dead space and again allow for your items to be easily accessed.

Pure Nordic - Kitchen

Pure Nordic - Kitchen

A well-planned layout

A well-planned layout is all about zoning the tasks and organizing elements, so they make sense and there is a sequence behind it. You don’t want to be walking from one side of the kitchen to the other to do something within the same sort of task. You should be able to get your food out prep it, cook it, and clean up within a sequence or flow that makes sense without having to go backwards and forwards or spreading yourself out all over the kitchen.


Your lifestyle will also influence your kitchen layout. You need to think of who is using the kitchen and how many people are using the kitchen at one time. If there are going to be multiple cooks in the kitchen then you will need to plan for this with your designer to ensure there are adequate working surfaces and storage options to accommodate your lifestyle.


A practical splashback

A splashback is an important feature in the kitchen. Not only does it have to be practical, to allow for easy wipe downs after a family cook up, but as the splash back takes up a lot of real estate in your kitchen its important to get the colour and material selection right too.


A tiled splash back is always a great option to add depth and interest to your kitchen splash back.


Quality and timeless fixtures and fittings

A kitchen is a functional space and a high working area so the fixtures and fittings you include, such as tapware and handles, must withstand a lot of use,  so make sure your fixtures and fittings are strong, durable and timeless.


Finishes such as chrome and matt black tapware that are a continued staple finish, will stand the test in comparison to colour trends in finishes.

Urban Mood - Kitchen

Urban Mood - Kitchen

At Batch our kitchens have been expertly designed to include the must-have kitchen features and to maximise your home’s potential for less – Get in touch with your batch designer on 1300 833 883 and start your home renovation today.