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Bathroom luxe for less in 5 simple steps


1 year ago

Bathroom luxe for less in 5 simple steps

The design of a new bathroom is important — and transforming your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary isn’t the only reason to renovate, it’s also a great way to add significant value to your home. Read our top tips and tricks on how to give your bathroom a luxury look without leaving a hole in your wallet.


Selecting fixtures and finishes with a more luxurious look will do wonders in creating an element of calm luxury in your bathroom space but you may be worried about the costs involved…


We have all the bathroom ideas you’ll need to achieve a bathroom space with a touch of timeless luxe that won’t blow your reno budget.

Pure Nordic - bathroom

Pure Nordic - bathroom

Less is more – focus on one feature

Refining your bathroom styling by selecting one luxury feature will not only create a stunning focal point for your space but will also have the effect of elevating the entire feeling of the room.


A statement floor tile or even a feature mirror will effectively elevate the space. For tiling options, monochromatic or terrazzo floor tiles will make a striking statement. Pair these with subway tiles to complete the luxe look for less.


Round mirrors are a sophisticated addition and a rectangular shaped mirror is a great choice if you want to fit in some extra storage. Mirrors also effectively create an illusion of space, so the bigger, the better.


Rather than multiple feature pieces, pick just one that you can really let shine while remaining within budget.


Pick a timeless palette 

The most expensive and luxurious bathroom styles are usually inspired by high-end day spas. This is surprisingly easy to recreate by using a simple monochromatic colour scheme.


Select a soft colour scheme made up of whites, greys, and black to use as a calming base while injecting a sense of timelessness into the space. This colour palette is a great foundation for layering other elements on top. You can add a woodgrain vanity unit which will both complement the colour scheme while adding a layer of warmth to your porcelain sanctuary.


Use styling pieces, such as plants, trays, and towels to add bold colours and fun patterns. This way, when a trend goes out of fashion it won’t cost you a fortune to restyle — simply pick up new towels and accessories to keep the space feeling fresh.

Australian Coastal - bathroom

Australian Coastal - bathroom

Make a statement with your tapware 

Fixtures with a consistent theme are an inexpensive way to add a bit of luxe to your bathroom. For example, by selecting a striking matte black finish to your tapware and drawer handles, you can add sophistication without spending too much money.


Bathe in style

A freestanding bath emulates luxury from any angle and there’s no denying the luxurious feeling a beautiful open shower creates, so why not have both?


A freestanding bath and a statement floor tile will make for the perfect pairing while a striking black framed shower screen will match your black tapware and accessories. It’ll be dependent on your design and how much space you have to work with but either one will make a statement within your bathroom.

Modern Elegance - bathroom

Modern Elegance - bathroom

Choose large format floor finishes 

Choosing finishes that have ‘expanding’ properties will not only eliminate any visual clutter and create extra space but will allow your bathroom to stand out from the rest.


Great options are a soft subtle concrete-look finish. The mottled pattern will disguise day-to-day dust and dirt, eliminating the need for excessive cleaning. And by selecting a matching grout colour, the floor will look like one continuous streamlined piece. The fewer grout lines visible, the more spacious your floor and your bathroom will look.

Urban Mood - bathroom

Urban Mood - bathroom

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