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Kitchen Renovation Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make


1 year ago

Kitchen Renovation Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

There is a lot to think about when renovating your kitchen and without the right advice, it’s incredibly easy to get it wrong and end up with a kitchen that doesn’t match your style or meet your expectations in terms of functionality.  


Therefore, before you embark on your renovation journey, find out the most common kitchen mistakes you don’t want to make. To make your time, effort and money work for you, rather than against you on your kitchen renovation make sure you keep reading below.   


Mistake #1: Not maximising your storage potential  

There are so many different storage options to choose from between open storage, drawerscupboards and more so don’t make the mistake of not planning enough storage.  


well-designed space includes storage that will incorporate items used in specific areas. That might mean utensil drawers near the prep area, a pull out bin by the sink, cereal bowls next to the fridge and pots close to the stove. Don’t overlook placing your storage in the most logical locations for each element so you’re not moving in all different directions when working in your kitchen.  

Australian Coastal - Kitchen

Australian Coastal - Kitchen

Mistake #2: No attention to flow

Don’t forget about your kitchen’s busiest areas: the sink, stove, and refrigerator. In the planning stages you want to make sure these areas and appliances are in an efficient location that is connected to one another to work for you, not against you 


Not only do you have to consider the workflow in the kitchen but the flow of the kitchen within the surrounding areas as well.  The kitchen almost always sits cohesively with the living and dining area, so consider the existing style of the living and dining area when designing the kitchen to ensure each space within your home feels united. 


Mistake #3: Misusing your benchtop space

Your benchtop space is one of the most important parts of your kitchen, so make sure you are maximising on the amount of space available. And another way you don’t want to waste your benchtop space is by cluttering the area. The key to a clean and beautifully presented kitchen is a clear benchtop and the key to a clear benchtop ties back to mistake #1. If you are maximising your storage opportunities all your kitchen items will have a home and won’t need be taking any room on your benchtop!  

Modern Elegance - Kitchen

Modern Elegance - Kitchen

Mistake #4: Choosing the wrong lighting  

Your kitchen is the heart of the home, where you cook, dine, entertain and catch up with family and friends after a busy dayKeeping this in mind you’ll want it to feel warm and inviting however if you opt for the wrong lighting it can make your kitchen feel the opposite.  


Choosing the correct lighting for your unique space will set the scene in your kitchen, by doing this you will creating the perfect atmosphere for the heart of your home 


Mistake #5: Forgetting that kitchens are no longer just for cooking

The kitchen doesn’t just serve one purpose anymore, so make sure you ask yourself what you want to get out of your kitchen and plan accordingly with the lifestyle you want to enjoy – whether it’s creating space for entertaining, including somewhere for the kids to do their homework, or adding a dedicated place where you can sit down and catch up on emails. 


An island bench with seating is a great multipurpose inclusion to serve a variety of lifestyles 

Pure Nordic - Kitchen

Pure Nordic - Kitchen

At Batch we can explore all your renovation options and help you to avoid these kitchen renovation mistakes. Call us on 1300 833 883 to speak to one of our experts today.